Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things to do during a blizzard...

We are under a blizzard advisory here in Indiana, and it is snowing like mad.  So much for all the folks posting on Face Book hoping we would get snowed in.  That would be wonderful - - I suppose - but I'm snowed in here, and my loving husband is working and stuck there 60 miles away.
The puppy, Griff, is just full of energy - and begging to go back outside every 15 minutes or so.  The best thing about snow, however, is its just water - - so no residual mud tracked all about the house.
I decided to get prepared this morning, so I filled every large crock and pot I have in the house with water, just in case we lose power and my pump won't work.  Because I was also fearful that I'd freeze due to a power outage, I started the oven (propane) - and I naturally decided to bake a pie (I wouldn't want to starve, mind you) and it's now cooling....   Of course no real push needed there.  Any old excuse will do for me to make something sweet!
Internet browsing and saving inspiration pictures is very relaxing to me, and I've posted some of my recent loves.  Because I've only taken baby-steps thus far with my vintage booth, I really enjoy looking at all the beautiful inspiration options out there posted by creative veterans, who are very willing to share what they've learned along their own journeys.  Total eye-candy.  I don't think I'll ever tire of surfing for ideas.
Hope your own day is a happy one.  Be safe in your travels.  If any of you have tips about blizzard survival - please feel free to post them here.  **wink**

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